Garden Update November 2018

The start of November has seen us prepare the garden for winter and finally polish off some plans we’d not managed to sort over Summer. The first was the addition of two new items – a shed and a wheelie bin store.

We’ve been pondering a new shed for the last 6 months as our old one was not in the spot we wanted and need repairing. Before our landscapers installed the new shed, they moved the old shed into an open spot in the back garden, that meant we could continue to use it until the new one was ready.

Despite spending hours researching design, we had barely given a thought to the base. Which is a mistake! As our landscapers informed us, if you have a poor quality base or no base at all, the shed will absorb water from the ground. and will rot quickly. And an uneven base puts pressure on the joints of your shed. We didn’t want to waste money on a good quality shed if it was going to be exposed to damp and rot from the base upwards. So we got a concrete base laid first. The shed is now complete and I have to say much better than the old one, no leaks, so far touch wood and it looks fantastic. Thanks for Lockhart’s for building it.


Our second purchase was a new triple wheelie bin store to disguise the bins that look awfully messy in the front garden. This was something we had planned to get over the summer but for one reason or another, we hadn’t got around to it. Unfortunately, our landscapers had long since packed up when the store was delivered so we had to assemble it ourselves. Fortunately, it wasn’t too difficult, the next job is to paint it to match the fencing which we hope to get done before the New Year if the weather holds.



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