Need Some Confidence? Grow Radishes

In the past couple of weeks, I have run into people who have expressed an interest in growing some of their own vegetables.  They usually say something like “I would love to grow some vegetables this year, but I kill even the hardiest houseplants” or “I really want to have a vegetable garden, I just don’t have the time”.   I am making an assumption here, but I think what is really lacking is not knowledge or time, but confidence.  I feel compelled to offer some advice here… the best way to grow confidence in the vegetable garden is to grow radishes.

Under the supervision of my father, I grew vegetables as a child, but when I first grew vegetables on my own as an adult, I was terrified.  I killed tomato plants, drowned strawberries and failed to harvest potatoes (I thought they grew above ground).  I probably would have given it up, if it wasn’t for the radishes.

These lovely little things grow from seed to table in about one month and short of a major disaster, you can’t stop them.  I plant a few rows throughout the season and no matter what goes wrong, my radishes always go right.

So feeling a little unsure of yourself, need a pep talk or a punch in the arm… grow some radishes.

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