October Garden Update

The main change in the overview of my garden this month, is that our neighbours have built a chalet in their garden.

As the weather has been too windy to do the roof – it is currently covered with a blue tarpaulin.

It is similar to my studio, so when it is finished I am sure it will be fine.

There has been no change at all to the middle pond area, or the top garden.

I am growing things like mad to plant in these areas later in the summer


These are just a few of the many, many seed-trays that are sharing the house with us at the moment.

Kitchen garden from the studio

The area that has received most of our attention has been the new kitchen garden.

As you will see from the picture above – there are still a few areas which are rather rubbish …..

But the new beds are (mostly) built and we have started filling them up with soil and compost.

Kitchen garden

And I have even marked out the position of the lettuce plants in the furthest bed

But, perhaps most importantly, we have got our chairs in place!

Which is why the pattern the raised beds create is important to me.

There is still one more small bed to go in the very centre.

I fully intend to go into more detail about the decision-making process for the raised beds in a later post.

It is a great way to observe the changes in all or part of the garden so why not join in, post your end of the month views

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